International Committee for Evaluating Ranking of conferences (ICEROC)


We need to evaluate the performances of both for-profit and non-profit conference organizers to establish sanity in the research work. We endeavoured to raise the awareness about the growing menace of bogus conferences, or low quality conferences by the low quality organizers so that researchers and the funding institutions are not cheated or become prey of the shoddy conferences. Researchers should get the value for their money, apart from advancing the knowledge in their respective fields.

However, there are also a lot of credible and high quality scientific conferences organized by both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations which provide good value to the attendees and contribute towards body of knowledge. All conferences cannot be painted by the same brush: some are outstanding, some are good and some are predatory in nature. As such, an International Committee for Evaluating Ranking of conferences (ICEROC) was instituted.

The ICEROC will provide a list of credible and ranked conferences every year divided into 5 categories (5*, 4*, 3* 2* and1* according to their quality, 5* being the highest quality category. The ranking list will be created by a scoring process, in which 20 criteria  and a total score 100 will be used to classify the conferences into  5 ranks..