20 Criteria for Determining the Quality and Ranking of the conferences.  Each Criteria carries 5 points


1.    Criteria Stated


The materials including call for paper provided in the conference website are original and not copied , imitated or plagiarized in content, form and style


The organizer or sponsor or affiliated organization is legally constituted and the conference website describes or provide links describing  their existing  academic activities such as academic courses, research and/or academic  training programs other than organizing the conference


The conference organizer provides detail guidelines for preparation and submission of conference abstract or full paper with detail ethical policy including plagiarism . Such guidelines must show the materials to be included in every sections of the paper such as Introduction, Literature review, Methodology, Results  and conclusion


There are double blind review process to determine the quality of each submission. The website of the conference contains the full descriptions of the duties and responsibilities of the reviewers


The conference has credible and genuine review/advisory boards/ organizing or scientific committees members who have higher degrees such as Ph.D  and are truly associated with the recognized universities  and research activities . The reviewers follow the stated review guidelines included in the website to select quality papers


The conference provides  adequate written feedback and review report  on each paper accepted or presented prior or after the conference


The conference provides enough time for completion of review process and notification of acceptance and unsuccessful authors are informed with the written reasons for rejection


The website of the conference contains details and full but transparent information about the name , qualification, physical address, phone, fax numbers and email address of the contact persons, conference chair or program chair and the derail information about the affiliated organization, if any


The conference called for paper about single discipline such as economics or multiple or interdisciplinary subjects under same academic faculty such as Business Faulty ( See notes)


The conference does not call for  papers relating to several academic faculties or unrelated fields such as Business, Medical and Engineering at same rime at the same venue.


The conference is held once or twice in a year and is not held more than 2 locations in a year. ( See explanation)


The organizer of the conference does not publish any journal other than conference proceedings either by itself or by other publisher


The journals affiliated with the conference are indexed by credible indexing bodies such as Scopus, Thomson Reuters, ABDC, ABS, ERA, Ulrichs, Cabells, DOAJ, , etc.and the affiliated journals are not indexed by unknown , obscured and shoddy indexing bodies.and journal paper have DOI number and has archiving system.


The conference publishes edited conference papers in the proceedings with ISBN before the commencement of the event


There are adequate archiving system in place to digitally preserve conference proceeding for at least 10 years  or to make them available


The conference does not provide any false or misleading information about indexation of  proceedings or the affiliated journals by credible organizations and does not claim that the journals published by them have genuine impact factor.


The conference has transparent refund policies .


The conference provides name and address and contact numbers of the hotel or venue which are genuinely booked for conference The conference provides genuine and believable address and contact numbers and email address of its office and/or office bearers. It does not use PO Box or virtual office


The conference provides the name of the Program Chair or Conference Chair who have credible publication record and experiences


The conference mentions reasonable registration fee and states the facilities that are covered by the fees The conference provides secured, transparent  information relating to the  person or company or bank collecting/processing the conference payments  and  provide receipts to every participants


and website of the conference does not contained any The conference contains genuine addresses or contact numbers or address or photo identity of the committee members, conference  chair or key persons having related academic qualifications