Role and Responsibilities of ICEROC Members

The main role of an ICEROC member is to determine the rank of a conference on the basis of stated 20 criteria. S/he should assess the quality and contribution of a conference with a view to making a definite contribution towards  the advancement of knowledge. Since the number of conference and conference organizer each year continues to grow, a Member can assist us  to install a system which screens out bad organizers from the pool of conference organizers so that academics and institutions are not cheated.

Specific Responsibilities

White assessing the quality of a conference and/or organizer on the basis of the stated criteria, an ICEROC Member must ensure fairness in judgment and no form of biasness would be accepted. Members’ report should be based on an objective and impartial consideration of the facts, evidences and figures. 

While assessing a particular conference and/or organizer, the Member must not share, transmit or discuss any information with anyone other than the Committee Chair. 

The member should review at least 5 conferences nominated by us.  

The member should submit a written report to the Chair within 21 days after a request is made. If it is not possible to meet the deadline, the Member should promptly decline to perform the assessment work. 


The Member will receive a certificate, apart from displaying the name in the committee. In addition, a letter of appreciation will be issued, when required, which can be used for professional or academic progression in terms of promorion.

Interested to Join?

Then please send us the completed form and your name will be in the ICEROC List.